Celebrate the Year of the Butterfly!

The Brooks Earth Action Team at Brooks Middle School has declared 2021 as the Year of the Butterfly in Oak Park! To help you celebrate, you can print out a one-page checklist of common butterflies in our area. Click or tap here to download a PDF version of the checklist.

You have our permission to print your own copies of these field guides for educational or personal use.

Go here to find out more about the Year of the Butterfly: https://westcook.wildones.org/2021-year-of-the-butterfly/

Have you seen a butterfly that’s not identified by our one-page guide to common butterflies? The Field Museum publishes more detailed guides to the nature in the Chicago area and beyond. Here’s a link to a seven-page guide to Chicago area butterflies: https://fieldguides.fieldmuseum.org/guides/guide/586

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