Spring scavenger hunts for south Oak Park

You can pick up paper copies of these scavnger hunts in front of 1003 South Elmwood in Oak Park during daylight hours (as long as it’s not raining). Click on the images below to download PDF versions.

You can find these animals and flowers throughout south Oak Park. However, pigeons are most common along the I-290 expressway:


The Imprints in the Sidewalk scavenger hunt is keyed to a specific route along sidewalks in south Oak Park, Illlinois. The route starts at 1003 South Elmwood Ave., runs south to Fillmore St., then runs west along the north side of Fillmore to East Ave.

This side of Imprints in the Sidewalk is for children:


This side of Imprints in the Sidewalk is for parents and other leaders. It tells you where to look especially hard for examples of the imprints. This side also presents a mystery to solve at the end of your walk:


You have our permission to make as many printed copies of these files as you need for personal or education use.








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