New field guide and checklist: Woodpeckers seen around Oak Park, Illinois

Our latest one-page field guide has photos of the six kinds of woodpeckers that we see around Oak Park. Some are here year-round, others are only seen during spring and fall migration.

You can click here to download a PDF version of the Woodpeckers seen around Oak Park field guide, or click on this photo:


There is also a checklist version of the field guide, available here:


We used the woodpeckers checklist as a scavenger hunt at Wonder Works, a Children’s Museum in Oak Park. The children searched the museum for small posters of the woodpeckers on the checklist. When they found a poster, they recorded its code on the checklist.

You can download a (large) PDF version of the woodpeckers scavenger hunt posters here:



You have our permission to download and print these documents for personal and education use.


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