A Coyote Catches a Squirrel in Columbus Park

On many summer mornings, I watched a Columbus Park coyote walk north across the golf course and duck into the woods just west of the parking lot. On Thursday, September 28th, 2017, the coyote once again walked north across the course, but, instead of ducking into the woods, it went into stalking mode and continued north across the first fairway.

The coyote spotted a Gray Squirrel on the far side of the fairway.
It slowly stalked its prey for the first hundred feet or so…
…and then took off, bounding across the golf course!
It was successful in catching the squirrel…
…but something about subduing the squirrel must have left an uncomfortable feeling in its mouth. (I left out some photos of the coyote vigorously shaking the squirrel.)
But then a movement at the far end of the fairway caught the coyote’s attention. It took off in pursuit, leaving the squirrel behind.

When I got another look at this section of the golf course, a few hours later, the squirrel was gone. I guess that means the coyote returned for its meal before heading to the woods for the rest of the day.